11 beneficial & beautiful breakfasts to get you bossed up

11 beneficial & beautiful breakfasts to get you bossed up

breakfast, the most important meal of the day right?  RIGHT!  i'm usually the type who's content to have a cup of coffee and forge ahead until lunchtime.  however, after seeing these delicious, healthy (mostly healthy) and BEAUTIFUL recipes, i am so ready for the morning and cannot wait to eat breakfast!  now which recipe to choose...

1.  turkish egg and quinoa breakfast bowl  ::  recipe from Half Baked Harvest





2.  terrarium inspired green power smoothie  ::  recipe from Dine x Design





3.  avocado toast with dukkah, spring flowers and soft boiled eggs  ::  recipe from Hello My Dumpling





4.  Valeria’s orange ricotta cake  ::  recipe from Hortus Cuisine





5.  sourdough cinnamon rolls  ::  recipe from The Perfect Loaf





6.  vegan pumpkin waffles  ::  recipe from Love & Lemons





7.  egg in a hole  ::  recipe from Pure Wow





8.  chia infused french toast  ::  recipe from Sassy Kitchen





9.  savory oatmeal with garlicky kale  ::  recipe from Naturally Ella





10.  coconut black rice breakfast pudding  ::  recipe from My New Roots





11.  immunity-boosting beet and camu camu breakfast bowl  ::  recipe from Golubka Kitchen




published 3/10/17
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