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Cooking For Now

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a little bit about me

oh hai there :3

here's a little bit about me:

basic stuff -- my name is colleen.  i was born and raised in charleston, sc and now live in nyc.  i'm married to my bffl, danny aka Honey <3 and we love derping around and being foodies together!  no kids but thats kool.  no pets but i'm workin on it *stares fuzzy daggers at Honey*


i'm very thankful and feel lucky to be surrounded by loving family, friends and this beautifully diverse city full of DELICIOUS FOOD!

i have a very passionate love relationship with food.  me and food, we're like this *crosses fingers* and i'm hoping with this blog, my youtube channel and all the social medz i can share that love with you :D


other stuff -- i love cartoons, video games, cosplay, fantasy & sci-fi, cute things, animals, the earth, the universe, spiritual practices,  and anything to do with the legend of zelda.  

i sing, i'm a section leader/ringer at a few churches around town (fa la la).  

i'm into video/editing, wordpress website design and visual art.  my business is HighResArt.  you can check all that stuff here:

website: (under construction)


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