check it yo!  whether its foodstuffs from my fav movie, an old family recipe or making up meals on the fly, i love to cook!  scroll down for the latest recipes from the CFN kitchen or browse by category <3



fresh cherry pie

my oh my, this cherry pie is to DIE for!  fresh, local and organic ingredients are the key...

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holy shrimp burger!

seriously the best burger i've had in a loooong time. SO GOOG and definitely my flavorite for summer 2017! happy eating :)

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pasta e ceci (pasta and chickpeas)

this is a delicious & hearty, vegetarian one-pot meal, guaranteed to stick to your ribs and leave you satisfied...

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crispy wonton cups

wonton cups = my new flavorite thing!  they’re light and crispy yet extremely durable, able hold an endless combination of fillings...

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sugared pecans

the south: where pecans reign supreme and sugar is the american dream!

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vegetarian prime rib with garlic herb butter


CFN create's a vegetarian version of Tasty's prime rib recipe

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