11 scrumptious springtime recipes

scrumptious springtime spread: 

11 recipes for the season

spicy, salty, sour sweet, bring us something good to eat!  our tastebuds are in full bloom this week, ready to try these vibrant and refreshing springtime recipes!

1.  quick crab stew in fennel-tomato broth  ::  recipe from Sunset


2.  breakfast porridge with soft egg and pea shoots  ::  recipe from Allison Roman


3.  skillet gnocchi with chard & white beans  ::  recipe from EatingWell


4.  spring salad with grapefruit & feta  ::  recipe from Better Homes & Gardens


5.  fiddlehead ferns and leeks with goat cheese and pine nuts  ::  recipe from Paprika Red


6.  spring bouquet popsicles  ::  recipe from Marla Meridith


7.  scallops with orange & ginger  ::  recipe from Karine Monique


8.  gỏi bắp chuối (vietnamese banana blossom salad)  ::  recipe from The Culinary Chronicles


9.  grilled rum-glazed pork with rhubarb chutney  ::  recipe from The Seasonalist


10.  apricot chicken  ::  recipe from Taste


11.  5-minute (vegan) cherry chocolate ice cream  ::  recipe from Veggie Quest


published 3/4/17
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