Posted by ckmallon on 08/27/2017

cheesy corn chowder

cheesy corn chowder   nothing beats perfectly cooked corn on the cob, especially in the summer time for those family BBQs <3   but if you’re looking to change it up a bit (or trying to use up a massive amount of corn you have before it goes bad) this recipe is MONEY!  enjoy :) [read more…]


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flavor of the week – Il Bambino

flavor of the week – Il Bambino have I mentioned that i <3 NYC?  despite the constant construction, crazy traffic and ill mannered peoples, the diverse culture and delicious foodlove that this city has to offer makes it all worth while.  (not everyone is rude here btw, in fact most people i meet are very

11 devilishly delicious & different deviled eggs

11 devilishly delicious & different deviled eggs bored of the same ol’, plain ol’, little-ol-lady-from-church-brought-em deviled eggs?  actually, we really love those, they’re always delicious.  good on ya, Gladys!   BUUUUT if you’re looking to turn up your egg game, check out these unique and mouthwatering deviled egg recipes: 1.  jalapeño popper deviled eggs  :: 

pasta e ceci (pasta and chickpeas)

pasta e ceci (pasta and chickpeas)  this is a delicious & hearty, vegetarian one-pot meal, guaranteed to stick to your ribs and leave you satisfied ;) seriously. good. eats.  viva l’Italia! recipe adapted from America’s Test Kitchen. ingredients:   •     2 oz vegetarian bacon, chopped (i used Sweet Earth’s hickory & sage ‘benevolent

an open gallery to my chocolate addiction

hello my name is colleen and i’m addicted to chocolate.
#sorrynotsorry [read more…]

crispy wonton cups

wonton cups = my new flavorite thing! they’re light and crispy yet extremely durable, able hold an endless combination of fillings [read more…]