Posted by ckmallon on 03/04/2017

satsuki’s caramels

recipe inspired by My Neighbor Totoro [read more…]


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fresh cherry pie

fresh cherry pie my oh my, this cherry pie is to DIE for!  making a pie from scratch is a labor of love but totally worth it.  buying fresh, local and organic ingredients is key to any delicious recipe.     i hope yall can give this recipe a try!  the cherries i get are

Dumpling Galaxy part 1

Dumpling Galaxy part 1 i’ve mentioned this before but i’ll say it again:  if i’m damned for anything its definitely for my predisposition to gluttony.  “going to hell in a steamer basket,” is that how the saying goes?  i joke about this all the time but i never knew how much i loved food until

holy shrimp burger!

holy shrimp burger!   holy shrimp, this burger was so freaking goog!!!  i hope y’all can try out this recipe as it is my new flavorite thing ever and probably my go to meal for summer 2017.  the kool thing about using ground shrimp as a base is you can season it and fix it

parmesan baked flounder

parmesan baked flounder – dinner 4/26/17 omg y’all… tonight’s dinner was SO easy and SO GOOG! that’s right, i said “goog.”  Honey and i were having a special night–for no reason at all, just cuz we love treating ourselves xoxo–and i came across this Food & Wine recipe for baked flounder with parmesan.  i jumped

flavor of the week – Il Bambino

flavor of the week – Il Bambino have I mentioned that i <3 NYC?  despite the constant construction, crazy traffic and ill mannered peoples, the diverse culture and delicious foodlove that this city has to offer makes it all worth while.  (not everyone is rude here btw, in fact most people i meet are very