flavor of the week – Il Bambino

flavor of the week - Il Bambino

have I mentioned that i <3 NYC?  despite the constant construction, crazy traffic and ill mannered peoples, the diverse culture and delicious foodlove that this city has to offer makes it all worth while.  (not everyone is rude here btw, in fact most people i meet are very kind!)


i’d love to share with y'all a taste of NYC so i’m starting a "flavor of the week" series on the YouTubes and, of course, here on the blog :3  the goal is to feature something every week (or whenever i can), whether its one of my usual haunts or a new find!  fun right?


so, without further adoo-doo, this week’s flavorite is  Il Bambino

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Owned by Darren & Melanie Lawless, this cozy little spot in Astoria is dedicated to the humble panino.  they source high quality, local ingredients to make some of the best panini sandwiches you’ll ever have, guaranteed!  they're vegetarian friendly so if you see something you like with meat on it, they will be more than happy to substitute something for you--i got my Pass The Hash with grilled mushrooms instead of chorizo and it was HELLAGOOD!  i also recommend trying their PB Hot Chocolate (holy hell it was so sinfully decadent and delicious) and their Guava Mimosa--honestly, call me crazy, i would even go back just for the guava juice.  it was super refreshing and went perfectly with all of the cheesy, melty, rich panini goodness.


Il Bambino now has a secondary location in the Manhattan and there are plans for more locations in the future.  i hope y'all get a change to check this place out and i wish the tastiest of luck to Darren & Melanie in all their food adventures!


a special thanks to my friends, Princess & Maciek, for inviting me out to brunch :D lets do it again soon!!!  a shout out to Angelo for recommending this place--hopefully you and the rest of the crew can join us next time :D



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published 4/25/17