an open gallery to my chocolate addiction

an open gallery to my chocolate addiction

hello my name is colleen and i’m addicted to chocolate.

last night i was lying in bed, awake at 2am (as usual because i’m also an insomniac), drooling over the most decadent looking pictures of chocolate everything!  this is how it went down:


*scrolling through pics*

OK, this is making me hungry.

i want something sweet, preferably chocolate.

*tiptoes to the kitchen in search of sweets*

damn, there’s no chocolate in the house.

DAMN, there’s no ANYTHING sweet in the house.


*sadly drifts back to bed*


aaaaand i can’t sleep, guess i’ll surf the interwebs.

*automatically goes to instagram*

this is the first thing i see:




dear sweet heavenly chocolatey baby jebus why do i do this to myself?? gaaahhh!!


so yeah, story of my life.  boop boop.

i did something productive though.  instead of rolling around in my own chocolate misery, i put together this lovey curated gallery of tantalizing chocolate recipes for everyone to enjoy!  #miserylovescompany #sorrynotsorry #yourewelcome




1.  nutella stuffed double chocolate cookies  ::  recipe from The Lovecats Inc




2.  the best chocolate cake recipe {EVER}  ::  recipe from Add A Pinch





3.  double chocolate chip cookie ice cream sandwiches  ::  recipe from Foodie Crush





4.  double chocolate liqueur ice cream  ::  recipe from Pass The Sushi





5.  very best chocolate fudge sauce recipe  ::  recipe from Sophisticated Gourmet





6.  best ever fudge brownies  ::  recipe from The Domestic Rebel





7.  spicy mexican hot chocolate fudge  ::  recipe from Diethood





8.  chocolate avocado almond pudding pops  ::  recipe from Love & Lemons





9.  beer chocolate truffles  ::  recipe from Honest Cooking





10.  death by chocolate pie  ::  recipe from Delish





11.  chocolate martini  ::  recipe from Olivia’s Cuisine





published 3/22/17
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